Whiskey with craft cocktail ice

Why Gourmet Ice Cubes?

Gourmet ice cubes?? What in the world is a gourmet ice cube and why would I want to use them. My ice cubes are just fine. Imagine, you are at your favorite restaurant or speakeasy, and you order a double scotch on the rocks. The server comes back with a rocks glass full of ice cubes and your...

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Happy Holidays from Ice Pro!

Happy Holidays from your friends at Ice Pro! It’s winter here in Florida and although the forecast won’t be calling for snow in the Sunshine State this year, we here at Ice Pro can still provide you with some Winter Wonderland style magic with holiday ice sculptures that can bring winter to any...

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unique ice luge

Which Luge Fits You?

Here at Ice Pro, you know you can count on us to provide the coolest (pun intended) way to add ambiance and awe to any event. Weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties, corporate events, and more! Let your imagination run wild because there are no limits to the incredible custom creations we can make...

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Step Your Ice Up!

Ice Pro is taking the beverage industry to the next level with their Gourmet Ice Cube Program. You heard that right, gourmet ice cubes! You may have already heard or seen some of your local restaurants and/or bars switch to large round ice balls, or large cubes, in their drinks but you...

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Proudly Servicing

Ice Pro delivers directly to most of Central Florida and the Gulf Coast including, but not limited to, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Winter Springs, Orlando, Daytona, Melbourne, Kissimmee and Lakeland.

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