About Us

Owners Joe and Lianne Rimer, along with the talented team at Ice Pro, are used to pushing the limits of what can be done with ice. Since 2008, the team of professional ice sculptors have turned ideas, both great and small, into cool shimmering reality for people all over the world. Ice Pro is home of award-winning Ice Carvers with Internationally recognized design. With experience carving for a variety of events, Ice Pro has the perfect custom design for any special occasion!

Joe is certified by the National Ice Carving Association as an Ice Carving Professional and Competitor as well as certification as a Lead judge. He has also previously served on the NICA Board of Directors. Joe is an International Competition Champion and Guinness World Record holder.

Our Team

Robert Heminger
Lead Manager
“I love working in the cold! I’ve never been a fan of the Florida heat.”

Collin Atkins
Ice Sculptor & Designer
“I like having the ability to be creative and bring designs to life. Also, being able to see the look on customers faces once we set up the sculpture is unbeatable. You can tell they really appreciate the art of design.”

Michael Bohley
Machine Operator
“I love cold weather! My whole family is from the North, so it’s in my blood. Ice Pro is special. It’s a fun environment to work in and the crew is like family.”

Tim Pasley
Ice Production
“My favorite part about Ice Pro? Air conditioning!”

Jason Dearth
“I love the opportunity to travel! I get to travel all over to deliver sculptures to happy customers.”

Ireland Collins
“I grew up around the Ice Pro team, our team is fun to work with!”