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Why Gourmet Ice Cubes?

Gourmet ice cubes?? What in the world is a gourmet ice cube and why would I want to use them. My ice cubes are just fine.

Imagine, you are at your favorite restaurant or speakeasy, and you order a double scotch on the rocks. The server comes back with a rocks glass full of ice cubes and your double scotch getting diluted by the second. You wind up drinking quite a bit of diluted ice water with your scotch, one that you paid a good price for. Not only is the ice melting, but the water that made the ice is probably not as pure and clean – maybe even has a bit of a funny taste. Not exactly worth the money you paid.

Ice Pro Ice Sculptures is now a manufacturer and distributor of gourmet ice cubes – available in 2″ and 3″ cubes and 2″ round spheres. We manufacture our crystal clear ice and cut the cubes down to the correct size using food grade equipment. We bag the ice cubes or spheres and distribute them to clubs, bars and hotels. You might ask: “why would these specialty ice cubes and spheres make a difference”?
After researching the answer to this perplexing question, we came up with the following points:

  • An ice sphere exposes less surface area for the same amount of volume than a cube of ice.
  • The less surface area that is exposed to the warm liquid, the slower the ice will melt.
  • Therefore, a sphere of ice will melt more slowly in a drink than a cube of ice.
  • The drink can chill without quickly diluting it.
    Less dilution results in less time to drink what’s in the glass. Which can result in more bar sales!

You can actually enjoy the drink that you paid for with a “cool” looking ice cube chilling your beverage.

So next time you are at your favorite dining or drinking establishment, ask them for a drink with craft cocktail ice. If they don’t have them, tell them to contact Ice Pro Ice Sculptures

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