Which Luge Fits You?

Here at Ice Pro, you know you can count on us to provide you with the coolest (pun intended) ways to add ambiance and awe to whatever type of function you are putting together. Weddings, anniversaries, holiday parties, corporate events, the list goes on and on. The limits of what we can do depend mostly on your imagination and direction.

But what if your party needs something even more? Something that is fantastic, functional and frosty?? Ice Pro has the key to unlocking the most fun you can have with those liquid libations that we all love to indulge in: the ice luge! Whether it’s a backyard barbeque, a top-flight tailgate or a full blown corporate holiday party, an ice luge is the way adult beverages were meant to be enjoyed!

Do you prefer a straight shot of liquid courage when you are having a good time with others? Then our shot luge is the ticket for you! How cool would your Super Bowl party be this year with a shot luge featuring a couple of ice cold tracks running your favorite liquor down to thirsty, party-going fans of the teams playing? Even if your team doesn’t come out on top, you and your party pals will be winning with a shot luge delivering the goods!

Maybe your style is a little more refined? Then for you and your fellow patrons of the finer things, we have the esteemed cocktail luge. This functional piece of frozen art is constructed to not only offer beauty and class to your gathering, but to deliver a finely mixed beverage of your choosing through various tubes and passageways, ending up a deliciously mixed concoction that will go down smooth and look quite swanky while doing so.

Whether it’s a barn-bash or a class reunion, a college graduation or a wedding reception, Ice Pro can deliver a beautiful, function ice luge that is perfectly catered to your personal taste. Contact us to discuss what you’d like to have at your next function and we can create a custom quote just for you!

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