Step Your Ice Up!

Ice Pro is taking the beverage industry to the next level with their Gourmet Ice Cube Program. You heard that right, gourmet ice cubes! You may have already heard or seen some of your local restaurants and/or bars switch to large round ice balls, or large cubes, in their drinks but you have never heard of or seen ice cubes like this before!

Ice Pro has just recently announced the available distribution of their new Gourmet Ice Cube collection. This collection includes Ice Spheres, Ice Diamonds, Rocks Cubes, Collins Sticks, and Prism cubes, a variety sure to keep your cocktails looking their best and staying their freshest! These cubes are produced CRYSTAL clear and extremely pure. They will ensure that your cocktail will taste its best all the way through to the last drop by keeping it ice cold with minimal dilution!

The size and structure of ice cubes can make or break the taste of your drink. Smaller ice cubes tend to melt much faster than a mass piece of ice, resulting in a watered down beverage only half way through the drink, but not anymore! Now you can grab your finest bottle of whiskey and pour it over a handcrafted gourmet cube of your choice without the worry of dilution!

But wait… there’s more! Along with their gourmet cube program, Ice Pro has also began producing and distributing shot glasses, beer mugs, and 5.5 oz drink glasses made of PURE crystal clear ice. How COOL is that?!

Step your ice up! Whether you are looking to host an unforgettable event or wish to take the beverages service to the next level in your restaurant/bar, Ice Pro has just what you need with their new gourmet cube program!

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